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Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Smartphone and PC app
We have need in a long term development savvy (can be a company as well) to create an ad bar for us. The ad bar should work in PC, Android and iPhone. The ad bar will show banners and text ads on users' machines, and will track ad views for the advertisers as well as the software users. For instance, if user X sees ad with ID 331, it will be recorded that user X saw ad with ID 331. The bar ... Full details »
5 days ago$1500 - 3000
technical research assistant
i need an assistant that is experienced with amazon web service and API / software and smart device app programing / e commerce. to find me some answers for a project. the project is a website that sells audiobooks. so am looking to answer the following questions. - can we upload audio books to, if yes then what amazon service or api i should use on my website to access the data from ... Full details »
5 days ago$10 - 30
5 days ago$30 - 250
Minecraft Plugin
Looking for somebody to develop a Plugin for a Minecraft server. It's a fairly simple plugin consisting of players earning money from killing animals, each other. I had a fairly inexperienced developer create one for me already, but it's very chunky and not efficient at all. Need a experienced developer that is confident in their work and confident that they can provide a efficient, well ... Full details »
5 days ago$30 - 250
Add features to my app.
I currently have an android app already made. I would like specific features added to this app. They are listed below. They are briefly advertisements and a slot machine mini-game. I have another slot machine app that you could use as the code for the slot machine if needed. The other features are 4 different advertising methods added throughout different parts of the app. I will link a file with all ... Full details »
5 days ago$30 - 250
SWT/JFace application using a TreeView and SQL
Simple Java application, (preferable using SWT/JFace on eclipse) without using any deprecated JAVA APIs to be able to add/change/delete names and dynamically display in a tree table, something like the example found at: I need checkboxes next to the name to select/unselect records. Each child tree item ... Full details »
5 days ago$250 - 750
Write some Software
need some work related to Java and ASP its an private project for someone please don't bid Full details »
5 days ago$25 - 50
a simple project in java
A simple student management system in java Full details »
5 days ago$600 - 1500
image processing using java
only for kolkata it companies with reference to a proposal to offer a project in image processing of a reputed U.S firm involving a cost of Rs 12 lakh and to be followed by other projects. I a prospective candidate with part time experience in SAP ABAP want a full time job in ABAP having location at kolkata. Full details »
5 days agon/a
Final term java programming assignment
its a final term project, would appreciate it if all this could be done either in eclipse or BlueJ since they are tested by the lecturer on them. Full details »
6 days ago$12 - 30
need website urgent!!!
need website urgent!!! only fast Full details »
6 days ago$200 - 200
Notifications for finished android application
I have finished application, I only need the notifications to be corrected. I already have some part of that done, but those notifications are working only when the app is running. I want users to be able to get notification even when the app is closed. Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
6 days ago$30 - 250
log onto webiste with java -- 2
need to log nto website via java need done within hour Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Java Simple Task
Please check attached task - it's simple task in java and you need to do it in one day Price 15$ More helpful data will send to the winner Freelancer Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Convert Java to C (NP-Hard algorithm)
Hello I'm working on a project in C, and I need this Java code to be implemented in C. I need someone who can implement this in C. File is attached. a tsp file is given for testing purpose. (input file) Need it fast : 2 days max. Maximum budget is 110$ Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Profile Digital based on email account - open to bidding
A java application that can analyse all metadata from email account to make digital profile. It a small project just to analyse the metadata to create digital profile Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Need someone to code me a script
I need someone to recode my mailbox script on my website so that it sends alerts to users notifying them that they received a new mail. Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Paying 40$ for an easy java homework
This is easy and should probably take an hour to do it. It is due in the next 5 hours, and i am willing to pay 35$ for it. remember try to do it as simple and possible, don't use complicated concepts. Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 35
log into website via java, have to handle usage with cookies $15
Paying 15$, need it done today.. other project failed did not know how to do it Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Chrome Extension
BEFORE YOU READ: PROGRAMMER MUST HAVE PRIOR EXPERIENCE WITH NIKE.COM BOTS (NOT RSVP) HERE are my project requirements: I am looking for a very experienced Freelancer to make me a Add to Cart Service. How this works: At 8am EST / 5am Pacific time on a release day, will tweet out a link to buy a shoe and then you must click on the link which directly takes you to ... Full details »
6 days ago$250 - 750
Convert XML to SQL -- 2
I need someone to code a program for me, it can be in any language On the program I can open a .xml file and click a button to save it as .sql for Microsoft SQL Server The SQL query will just INSERT them all (SQL Server have a index key so it won't be added a second time) and then it need to update them all so existing item will be updated also) I'll contact you if your ... Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Finish a compiler for a small language
There is a LOT of code already written and greatest parts of that code you don't even have to look at. You need to implement the remaining 20-30%. The code you will work with is pretty well documented and the parts that you need to implement already have a pretty good skeleton with some comments to point you in the right direction. The java skill required for completing this task is pretty low, ... Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Improving BigBlueButton installation
Currently I have BigBlueButton 0.81 installed on AWS servers. When I upload PDF s to the whiteboard, the quality of the documents is extremely poor. I would like help improving the quality of the uploaded PDF documents and also help uploading PDF to a library so multiple users can access them. Full details »
6 days ago$250 - 750
Custom booking CMS app
I'm wanting to create a web based booking CMS app to be able to take bookings on the front-page with custom add-ons that the user can check. Also a backend that we can use as a CMS for posting blogs and editing pages but also for managing the bookings. Features will include: Backend - manage, create and edit pages - manage, create and edit blog posts with feature to add to facebook - manage, ... Full details »
6 days ago$3000 - 5000
Academic Writing Data Mining Report (medical)
I need 20,000 word report, Plagiarism Free, about Application of data mining techniques in medical data set. I need to apply two algorithms (Bayesian network and Decision Tree) , the data mining models should predict who are the patient most likely to have complications, then I need to compare between the two models and who is giving better results. Full details »
6 days ago$750 - 1500
need 100$ skrill and pay 200$ in freelancer -- 2
hello all i need 100$ in skrill urgent and i pay fo it 200$ in freelancer from my secend account if you have skrill balance 100$ and need to get 200$ in freelancer add me on skype my skype id is online.qahr1 Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Apache Solr SpellChecker Integration with the default select request handler.
I am using the default select request handler to search a Solr core , I also use the eDismaxquery parser. 1. I want to integrate this with teh spellchecker search component so that if a search request comes in the spellchecker component also gets called and I get a suggestion back with search results. 2. If the suggestion is above a certain threshold then I want the search to be made on that ... Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
make html page responsive and add navigation
Make an already made html page responsive and add top menu item from psd file Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Networking - URGENT
explained in the attached file. you also might need the book this is the book link Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
WireShark Packet Analysis (2 files, client to server, 1 worked, other failed - why?
We have an internal business website. I have 2 packet captures, one 417 pkts, the other 581 pkts. They recorded packets for about 1-2 minutes of traffic, to 1 specific IP/Server only. I have basic WireShark skills, no advanced troubleshooting or experience with the product...hence this project! I am trying to see why the one with 417 packets FAILS to initiate http/java/page/forms And why the ... Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Graphics Programming - 2 Programming Questions VERY URGENT HELP REQUIRED !
Hi Urgently need help in just two questions based on Graphics Programming. The skeleton code is given already, So I need Question#4 and 5 done. Please get the details from The deadline is in only 24 hours from now. REPLY ONLY IF YOU CAN DO IT CORRECTLY ! THANKS ! Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
i need a good crypter who cand make a executable fud 100%
Hello, I'd like to order a piece of software (Including source code of course), written in C#. The software should be a crypter. I hope you know what it is. If it you can read about it here: Basically it is a piece of software which obfuscates the program. It is not obfuscating to prevent "source code stealing", ... Full details »
6 days ago$750 - 1500
Lottery contest website required
We are looking for online lottery contest website for china market with following contest- - Chongqing - Xinjiang - Jiangxi - Beijing Racing PK10 This lottery contest website will be in china and english language.If somebody has done already i will check the test link and would like to buy that. Full details »
6 days ago$3000 - 5000
Write some Software Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Copy a simple Android APP
I need someone who can copy(reproduce) a simple android application. Regards Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Java programming
Im looking for a person that have good knowledge of programming with Java. The task are small simple Java codes. The task will among other things include: Multithreading and packaging. For more detail information please contact me. Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
6 days ago$1500 - 4000
Generate code with xtend and xtext
I have a small Java develoment company in Denmark ( We are looking for ways to become more productive. This project is part of this effort. We have a framework for developing web applications. Part of the framework is code for handling CRUD, i.e. lists of entities/objects, editing, creating and deleting entities. The idea is to generate all code for specific projects using this ... Full details »
6 days ago$8 - 15
Need add sub-menu to Vertical Menu.js
There are no sub menus in this vertical menu.js How do I add a submenu to any of these..... document.write('<a href="diesel/diesel-store.htm" class="menu">Diesel Locomotives</a><br>'); document.write('<a href="steam/steam-store.htm" class="menu">Steam Locomotives</a><br>'); document.write('<a ... Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Build a ecommerceWebsite
I want to build an ecommerce site with market place model, secured payment system with credit/debit and paypal. site should be built on technology like Php or java . Freelancer should have similar experience before and their such past projects should be of working model. I want to see their past projects too. please contact me as soon as possible on this site or on phone +91-9892795641. Full details »
6 days ago$37500 - 75000
Lossless image compression using Huffman Coding
This project is considered a small assignment, which can be done very fast. The project is about lossless image compression (Lossless Predictive coding) using Huffman Coding. This project is done in Java. Your task is to implement a DPCM Encoder/Decoder and Huffman Codebook of 128 entries to encode/decode. The conversion of the image to 2D matrix containing the pixel is done for you. DPCM ... Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Write some Software
i need to build this project detail by JAVA :- The Scenario A car hire company hires out vehicles to the general public. The vehicles can be cars or light vans. For each vehicle the make and model, the registration number, the miles it has travelled and the mileage when maintenance was last carried out, are recorded. In addition the carrying capacity, expressed in kilograms, for each van ... Full details »
6 days ago$250 - 750
IPhone Android Volume Booster
I need a simple volume booster app. a user clicks on an button and all sounds are boosted. As an example i need an app that looks exactly like this one. If you can make exactly same app, with same animation of sounds and boosters. Its a simple app and i expect it to be done within 1-2 days. Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Algorithms: find optimal solution for linear cutting
I need an optimization algorithm made in java. I have some bars and I need to cut them into smaller pieces of specified sizes with minimal losses. Input data: - A text file containing sizes of existing bars (mm); - A text file containing sizes of needed bars (mm); - An ini file containing cutting width (mm; default value=4 mm (when cutting, 4 mm is lost on each cut)); Result: A text file ... Full details »
6 days ago$25 - 100
Android iPhone application develop -- 2
To fix a Messaging App for Android OS. The features/capabilities shall be similar to existing popular messaging apps. communication with the backend ( to be developed by my own developers ) shall be XMPP. App must be optimized for mobile network. Shall be able to send receive messages / attachments securely and efficiently. Must have user friendly UI. You shall work with my team to design the ... Full details »
6 days ago$2 - 8
Module Wowza - Avoid Restream
Hi, I'm need a wowza module for avoid stole the stream of my server. I need a expert in Wowza Server. Regards Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Write an Android application - Open
Social networking instant messaging function :private and group chat Add informative content function to share , like and dislike , and the comment function on posts. Individual client profile interface Connect with facebook , twitter, etc Thank you! Full details »
6 days ago$8 - 15
Need an IT AutoClick Software
I need a software is written by java or asp . It have some feature below : + Auto Click with time frame . + Surf 1 website and Zoom in the page to a small size. + click on a predict location of the site. + Import the proxy from a txt file automatically. Full details »
6 days ago$30 - 250
Write an Android application
Social networking instant messaging function :private and group chat Add informative content function to share , like and dislike , and the comment function on posts. Individual client profile interface Connect with facebook , twitter, etc Full details »
6 days ago$15 - 25