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Create Admin Panel
Need to update my site Admin Panel Area for our work for Admin, Staff as well as user's work area. Admin Links Found here: unlimited u registered here to see Admin or user area ... This site needs to add all feature of [w w w t c y] and also need add more feature as payment gateway. Thank You. Full details »
2 days ago$3000 - 5000
Create a 2D Android / iOS game in Unity
You will be required to create a 2D game in Unity which is based on the popular game of 'Unroll me'. I will explain difference to potential freelancer. I can supply part of the graphics for the game, you will need to be able to create extra graphics as required. Game must be made in Unity 3D, No other software will be accepted. You must work fast and deliver within 3-5 days with ... Full details »
2 days ago$50 - 400
in need of c# and javascript developer
In need of a developer who can solve my problem fast. Currently using button to do a jquery ui feaure( spinning feature) as well as doing c# code behind. However it's causing a postback.. It postback before it could spin finish. must be able to commit now and teamviewer. Full details »
2 days ago$3 - 10
Wordpress Plugin Script
Hi, I'm looking for somebody to make a simple Wordpress Plugin script: 1) The user can target any website on the internet and bust out a frame of that "web page" while using javascript to pop up a lightbox style div with any ad/offer the user wants. 2) The search URL will show something like: www.YourWebsite/(UserChoosesName) 3) Script will allow the user to create, track hits, ... Full details »
2 days ago$300 - 600
Write some Software
1. Student admissions software in the university use C# language with client server using Ethernet. 2. News Portal Website use MySQL as database (PHP, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JQUERY,). Now I try to learn using AJAX to improve my website. 3. Software registration for student in the University. This software make for student when they will take a new course in a new semester. Using C# and once more with ... Full details »
2 days ago$1500 - 3000
password protected .sdf file -- 2
I have .sdf file that I need to open but having difficulty due to password protected. Long story but currently can not communicate with person who set the password originally. Can you help? Full details »
2 days ago$2 - 8
URL Pushing and Popping
Hello I need a working demo of history js. I would like an example of new content (images) loading after scrolling so far down the page and as new content loads a new url is pushed. Also when scrolling back up the page, the url returns to the previous page. I don't need it integrated, I just need a working example. Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
encoder javascipt
Java Encoder is a Java 1.5+ simple-to-use drop-in high-performance encoder class with no dependencies and little baggage. This project will help Java web developers defend against Cross Site Scripting! Full details »
2 days agon/a
2 days ago$10 - 30
pop up quick link panel project for thetechie13
Code quick link panel so that customers will have the option to close panel and keep it from popping up Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Turn proprietary magazines into beautiful HTML5 pages
We are looking for technically capable Node.js developers with strong communication skills who are interested and experienced in extensible server-side software architecture. The product is a service that transforms magazines in proprietary layout formats from large publishers into HTML5 to be displayed on mobile devices. The front-end portion of the product that displays the HTML5 has been completed. ... Full details »
2 days ago$25 - 50
Design a Website Mockup
Hello, I want a theme like this one powered by Big Cartel Full details »
2 days ago$30 - 250
Magento work needed
1.) Add statcounter code to site. 2.) Add heybubble code for chat to site. 3.) Add to checkout. Full details »
2 days ago$250 - 750
2 days ago$250 - 750
Support in a SlikGrid JQuery Plug-In
We are using an Open Source JQuery grid in our application called SlickGrid with RTL support that can be found at This grid has few issues when used in RTL mode. Here are found issues: 1. The filter rows are not aligned with the header/data columns.(AttachmentImage#1) 2. When we have more columns than the width, the grid displays the columns starting ... Full details »
2 days ago$10 - 30
2 days ago$10 - 30
Minor adjustment of a current software
I want a minor modification done to a software called BMW KSD (latest version April 2014). I want it to display a number of types of engines instead of just one type of engine displayed currently in the latest version. More details on Skype or e-mail. Thank you. Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
Poker Script
i looking for script poker app for poke stars( poker windows app), the script must recognize some parameter in my screen when its changing something and after must autoclick in exactly point inside poker windows app Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
3 days ago$750 - 1500
Convert a html template to wordpress theme
i have a themeforest html template installed as demo at i want someone to convert it to a wordpress theme with both sidebars for wp widgets, 3 footer widgets, wp menu, frontpage sliders should be set from theme admin panel. the frontpage's middle post tabbed section should be redesigned to look like that of & most of all the theme should ... Full details »
3 days ago$1000 - 5000
Room / Product Configuration plugin wordpress
Hello, i need a plugin for wordpress to have a room configuration. Visitors should be able to paint the walls of the room (choosing RGB colors) and should be able to drag the objects defined and preloaded (eg, window, sofa, vase etc). The walls must be colored with different colors. At the end of the needed results must be able to be printed or sent via email with a request can quote. The ... Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
Css/Html Designer -- 2
We need to fix our front page design and we need to create two navbar which already been made but just few changes needed. Needed: Fixing Javascritpt issue on the login page. Creating a register page based on login page design. Creating a forget page based on login page design Fixing the Navbar and creating another based on the design from the first one. Dropdown issue If you can't ... Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
Webcam Eye Tracking System ( Implementation)
* Should track the eye focused pixel point on the screen along with the System Time stamp * At least should detect the focused area to the nearest 1/16 th of a matrix * Should be intergratable with a web Interface / Web App. Need Source Code with comments Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
Fix Issues On My Custom Wordpress Website
Only apply this if you can code WELL in Wordpress. My website is heavily customized and it is not basic theme. Here is what I need for my website: Link: 1. Remove pagination from my website and replace it with "Load More Events" button. All pages in my website will only display 9 events at the start, 1 ads below and a "Load More Events" button. When user ... Full details »
3 days ago$20 - 50
fix a responsive website header area
- opencart fully responsive website, the website has been modified. - after modifying the website the top area of the website is not responsive any more.. - I will send you a link to the original theme and i want my theme to work the same on mobile devices. -the website is not in English Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
Javascript Expert
Build a Bootstrap 3 friendly, responsive data table with resizable columns and a fixed header. Preferably using, but also open to other options or combinations. Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Web Designer (for 3 months Contract)
Hello all! We are looking a web designer with excellent and unique graphic designing skills for a contract of 3 months. Designer must be able to work 8 hours a day and 24 days per month. You must have below skills to apply. - Javascript - htm5 and css3 - Must have good English WRITING skills - Experience working with bootstrap or Zerb.Foundation frameworks Salary is negotiable according ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Require PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS developer of 6 months work experience
Hi my fellow freelancers, I am looking for a PHP developer who is also equally good at MySQL, HTML, CSS, javascript / jQuery. You must have minimum 6 months of work experience with all these mentioned above. Additional skills (will be an added advantage if you have these skills in addition to the above): Photoshop / GIMP, Logo creation , PSD creation, PSD to HTML, Testing This is ... Full details »
3 days ago$15000 - 18000
Expense Management System
This is a software that developed in web based, the purpose of this project is creating a system to support many groups of people that living together. The system provides abilities to manage expensive, accounts. This website have been designed to support many kind of divides such as mobile, tablet, computer. Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
psd to html5
Hello, I have psd and that needs to be converted in html5, but there is a lot of functionality in this, so you must know ajax and javascript, skype is must, i will share my screen to explain all functionality, project must be finished in 2 days and you must be able to start work from now Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 200
Warehouse Management
Hello, Need to develop an web application for warehouse management. Database need to be created in MS sql server. Front-end a. Product search: The users can have feasibility to search for the required product/item instead of going through the list of all items. User can review about the product description and availability. b. Product Order : User has a choice to request the admin regarding the ... Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30
Convert Javascript calculator to Wordpress page
We have a PHP website that we are converting to Wordpress. It has a custom designed Javascript calculator page that we need to convert to a Wordpress page. Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Convert Photoshop to HTML/CSS/JS
Hi everyone! I’m developing a website app and have all the screen designs finished as PSD files. Now I need someone to convert all of it into HTML/CSS and occasionally JavaScript (JQuery or Angular). The elements have to look 100% the same after converting, I’m not accepting anything else. This is how it’s going to work: - Once I choose someone, we will do a small element as a test. ... Full details »
3 days ago$8 - 15
Create a html5 chat platform
i am developing a small site network, and I need a really good custom made html5 chat room. I need all the features of a chat room that you can see at A second reference will be 123 flash chat. You may need to make an free acct and login to see how the rooms look. I will need to be able to have a strong chat room platform that can work on both desktop and mobile. The site network will ... Full details »
3 days ago$200 - 450
Joomla template 1.5 needs to be upgraded to joomla template 3.2 and up
I need to upgrade this joomla 1.5 template into joomla template 3.2 and up. The coder will have to have experience in joomla template coding of versions 3.2 and 1.5 Skills Required CSS3 HTML5 JavaScript Joomla jQuery psd to html PSD to XHTML Before you aply for this job please answer the following questions What are the joomla template you ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 50
Javascript Expert
Build a Bootstrap 3 friendly, responsive data table with resizable columns and a fixed header. Preferably using, but also open to other options or combinations. Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
script project
i want a script can be hosted in a server in the middle and can read or save html code from my application in real time and push them to the server more detail and feature will provide in the next step by bidding in my project u agree my payment term I will pay 50% and create 50% milestone when u show me demo in ur server and when u finish and i do my test and i receive my project i release ... Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
Refresh/update my Web-site
I would like to update the web-site for a dental practice: to give it a 'modern' look, make it more user-friendly, make mobile devices friendly, add extra content, make it a bit bigger and so on. I am open to your suggestions. It's a simple static web-site developed with a simple stack of Web and Microsoft technologies: HTTP, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET (for ... Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
Make a virtual catapult This is a link to a virtual catapult that I'd like to emulate on my Joomla 3 website. It doesn't have to look exactly like this, in fact it shouldn't to avoid trouble, but it needs to have similar functions plus one more, the mass of the projectile. Note that it must emulate the laws of earth physics and behave like a real catapult. Also each ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Finalizing a very little web-project
Need to be done in next few hours! You´ve got time, after being accepted until monday midday, so don´t make offers more than 1 day, please! This is a very little project, because almost about 95% is done. Only some known bugs need to be fixed, one extensions in backend and one list-view need to be made. Also a login-check (very simple!) need to be implemented. There are a few little bugs inside. ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Erstellen einer Webseite
Aktulisierung einer alten webseite Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
Design squeeze page editor and bootstrap templates for Yii framework CMS System
You are a Yii framework expert. You can recreate a javascript editor like or You can customize or create bootstrap templates and themes for the new page editor. You are a quality coder - no sloppy code. You are reliable and understand that you get paid for what you produce - results - not promises. You are available daily for updates and submit daily progress reports ... Full details »
3 days ago$15 - 25
Write some Software
I am a seasoned IT professional with 14 Years of total experience and 5+ years of experience in Retails domain. Looking for freelance opportunities where I can utilize my skills and knowledge Full details »
3 days ago$750 - 1250
Small Javascript work
I am in need of javascript expert who can help me on this small task and lot more in future. This is a test task to acknowledge the skills. This will take maximum an hour for an expert. Details will be provided in PM Full details »
3 days ago$2 - 8
HTML5 -style website test menu design on GAE
Hi Freelancers, I need the following website design “replicated”, which will serve as somewhat of a testing ground for me; In particular I want to replicate this menu structure and expand it to suit my needs. I will want this hosted on my Google App Engine. there are two areas to this: 1. The menu structure at the top of the page (the one where you see ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
I require an Excel Universal API Template, to use the following controls: - Connect API using HTML Get Command - Import XML and importantly JSON - using Jscript - Use of Login Credential and Token - Such as Google Analytics, You Tube, and other non Google like Shipping API I need working examples for the above, and with Template Login HTTP Command with a Login Credentials. I will be using ... Full details »
3 days ago$250 - 750
3 days ago$10 - 30
Edit An Existing Android Application Code
Hi, I have got a code from my previous project. I'm looking for an android developer who can edit the codes and add more features. Actual Plan is shown below. (Looking for a cheap as most codes are done just need to edit and add few features) Objectives Design and create a secure GUI android app for the mobile devices. (Users)Parents/Guardians are able to view the student's academic ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Ajax Jquery, Javascript experts needed for Joomla Urgent
Hello, I need Ajax Jquery, Javascript experts needed for Joomla work. i will provide more details in PMB. Need to completed work in next 24HOURS. Send me your proposal with previous work SAMPLE. thanks Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Google API - Moving object tracker
Hi, I have a small project that I need some help with. I would like a website that can do the following: There are around 15 text files sitting on a webserver. These files are updated once every few seconds with a latitude, longitude and speed. I would like a website creating that uses the Google API and anything else that is required (ajax...javascript?). The site will have a drop-down ... Full details »
3 days ago$10 - 30