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Ppc Adword Module - Search Engine
I have search engine, which i need to develop a my own paid ad-words type account to advertisers. PPC click module, Remember that my search engine has built on core, i already have the keyword data, search stats already in the back-end with MySQL. What i am looking for is something like this basic functionality for the advertisers ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Memcached And Varnish Setup Help In Amazon Ec2
so far I have set up my server to run nginx with eaccelerator and memcached we were also thinking about adding in varnish as well the only issue is when I set up varnish to run with my nginx something is not working correctly and my site stops loading so I need someone to perform 2 simple tasks that is configure my memcached and install and configure varnish to run with nginx im thinking for the right ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Kdn Bidding System
Hiring a professional software engineer to build a complex bidding system. Further information will be given in a Software Requirements Specification. Please send me a personal message if you are interested and have the confidence of building the following using the following technologies. Besides that, we need someone with a good command in English communication to ensure the project goes through ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Scriptlance Api Part 2: Oauth
Hi We need someone to continue work on the ScriptLance API. The last programmer did a good job making the base code of the API. Modules can be created easily to fetch data from the DB and print it out in various formats (json, xml, php, etc). e.g. api_project_search.php is the module that returns project search results. It's simple and uses many global variables/routines. It works 100% for reading ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Programming Project 1327957681
I need you to install a reddit clone onto my cloud server then replace the logo and footer with my logo. I'll need you to be available for support and maintenance and future. Skills: Cassandra PostgresSQL Python RabbitMQ memcached apache Full details »
3 years agon/a
Interspire Tweaking
Project Problem ---------------------- Increase in database size due to unwanted/unmanaged data (Whenever a user exports or does any job in the application a new record gets added in the database for instance a job could mean exporting data). There are also a lot of temporary unwanted data. Issue with database performance Slow Mail Sending and Import/Export Speed Slow Bounce Processing Project ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Install Memcached And Memcache On Fc2
I am looking for someone to install memcached, and memcache onto my fedora core 2 server Thanks Full details »
3 years agon/a
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