Microsoft Access Projects

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MultiThread an already complete program - open to bidding
Hello, I have a program in [url removed, login to view] that needs to be made multithreaded I would like to discuss with you in greater detail through Skype if possible. Please let me know as I want this done ASAP. Thank you. Full details »
6 months ago$30 - 250
help with an access DB
I have a similar condition to a City,State Country relationship for a Project with a set of bridges and bridge numbers. all i need is for someone to create the relationship so when i click on the bridge subform it will populate with project name and Bridge numbers and related data. everything is created but i just need that relationship Full details »
6 months ago$30 - 250
Need to build and application - open to bidding
hi want to build a application ,will tell u the details completely to you it is about automation of charts to terminals Full details »
6 months ago$30 - 250
Write some Software
I have an in house application that needs to be setup to support multi-user access from multiple windows PCs. I have the tables moved to MSSQL on Azure and have them linked through an MS Access 2013 front-end. However, there are ODBC related errors which are beyond my time to 'figure out' and resolve. I have 3 forms comprising ~10 pages of code, much if which is repetitive. [I am not a ... Full details »
6 months ago$30 - 250
We have program that exports data in an Access Database format. The program does not export exactly the way we want so I figured the best way to do this is to create a second ACCESS file called FINAL REPORT that taps into the original export data. This way the user exports an Access database daily named “Access Report Data”, and runs the file you will create (FINAL REPORT) then the report ... Full details »
6 months ago$30 - 250
Need help with Database Connectivity for College project.
I am doing a college project in Visual Studio 2008, i require a good .Net Developer to help establish database connectivity with my Website. The visitor to the website needs to fill in a form, the data filled in needs to go to a database. This is a very simple and short project, the form has only 4 text boxes for data input. Need both MS Access and MYSQL 2008 database connectivity. Skype and Team viewer ... Full details »
6 months ago$10 - 30
Simple Access task
Will share the details with the chosen freelancer. Full details »
6 months ago$10 - 13
Automated trading software for NSE ( india)
The proposed application is an “Auto Trading Software?? that would interact with a trading terminal connected to NSE. The developed software would download the real-time tick-by-tick data of Nifty, select stocks of Cash Market, and select contracts (both Futures and Options) of the NSE F&O segment. The downloaded tick by tick data would be saved and certain mathematical calculations ( user ... Full details »
6 months ago$1500 - 12500
Working with MS Access as a CRM and Invoicing System
Hi there, Client has given me this and as I don't have Access I cannot see how to work it. The problem appears to be that she upgraded to a newer version of Access and as a result some of the features of this Access system no longer work. What we are after is a fix so we can get this working or a replacement. The problem is that the invoices raised don't record all the itemised services ... Full details »
6 months ago$250 - 750
Import Email Content into Access Table
I would like the system to import and format the content from an email to an access table. tahnks Full details »
6 months ago$10 - 30
Access 2014 DB for manpower scheduling
I have the need for a Access 2013 DB (I would have preferred MySQL but it is what it is) which can be used for manpower scheduling. This request is for PART 1 OF THE SPECIFICATION ONLY. The part 2 documentation is only attached so that you can get an overview about what data will be required in the DB in order to generate all the shown reports and views. The successful bidder is expected, after successful ... Full details »
6 months ago$750 - 1500
Inventory management
Generate invoice and link to inventory levels Modify access template Full details »
6 months ago$30 - 250