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Design an Access data base that can track children in an after school club, create invoices - Repost - open to bidding
Hello, I'm looking for someone who can create an access data base to track up to 200 children using an after school club. It needs to be easy to use so that it data can be entered showing what time children arrive and what time they leave. It will also need to generate invoices termly, both for individual children and linked invoices for families with more than one child at the school. Children ... Full details »
5 months ago$30 - 250
Access Database
Hi, I work as Safety Consultant and am always doing risk assessments. I want to create a database which will provide me with the right forms for the risk assessment I am doing, to make the data entry easier, store all my assessments for different companies and also format the assessments in a report that is professional in appearance for printing and giving to the client. I have created some ... Full details »
5 months ago$30 - 250
Part Time Virtual Assistant Needed for expert in Access Database, VBA & SQL
Please read whole thing before you say yes, I will ask questions before I choose... This will be for an on-going job that will be very part time work for now. This can turn into a full-time position in the long run as demand grows. I have an on going job where I will need help from time to time with many things from Queries, Reports, Macros, and Tables. Mainly help will be in writing mid -level ... Full details »
5 months ago$10 - 30
i wante worke it.. - open to bidding
Need Good Cr@igslist poster .Per day 50+ need post per day payment . Long time project . Thanks.i am astudent . i wante to worke in this waya Full details »
5 months ago$30 - 250
Analyze some Data
Enter customer information into spreadsheet from forwarded emails: Name, Address, Location, Phone, Email and Short Description. Approximately 200 records per week. Would prefer to discuss a weekly amount, rather than hourly, because this will not be a full time job, but rather a one time per week type of data entry job. All information is confidential and proprietary to the company. All data ... Full details »
5 months ago$10 - 30
Data entry - MS Word
Only Serious Freelancers has to be bid on this project. Do not waste your time as well as my time. Please read the description clearly before you bid to work with me. New Freelancers are welcome. This is a simple data entry/data conversion project. There will be data in the scanned pages which you need to enter/input the same to MS word. We expect 100% accuracy on the same. You have to take at least ... Full details »
5 months ago$750 - 1500
Migirating of existing desktop application in VB 6 to
looking for experience software engineer to migrate an existing desktop application in VB 6 to Estimate total form: 44 forms other tools used: Crystal report, MSSQL, MS Access Full details »
5 months ago$2000 - 2500
Need an Access database created
This would be a database to take input from a data entry form and populate a master table. I have attached a detailed description in the requirements document to assist with this explanation in depth as to answer all future questions. I do have sample existing db’s if needed to assist in the creation of this db. Full details »
5 months ago$10 - 30
Program to create an Access Database
I need a small program written that will create an access database, The program must be written using Visual Studio Express 2013 - Visual Basic, I have already create the forms. Only the coding needs to be done at this point. Full details »
5 months ago$250 - 750
Fake utility bill/bank statement
Need a legit looking bank statement from any bank in the U.S or a utility bill preferably a cell phone bill. Need it as soon as possible. Please message me or email me for name and address that will appear on document. thanks! Full details »
5 months ago$30 - 250
Convert Spreadsheets to database
We have outgrown the spreadsheets we are using to track many parts of our business. This project is to move the data in to an existing MySQL database and to build the tools to import the existing data, modify the data and generate reports. Full details »
5 months agon/a
Document issue database/register
We think our project will be easiest to do in Microsoft Access. Other platforms may be suitable. There may be existing solutions available that just need to be tailored to our office.