Research Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Write an supernatural eBook with a budget of 100 dollars for 1,000 pages ebook hire 5-20 hour only
On a tighter budget had to change again sorry and there been many miss understandings I just need a good ebook for budget of only hundred dollars will change if necessary. There is a world of the unseen were werewolves and fallen angels clash over what to do with human. the werewolves are the protectors of humanity while fallen angels wish to and breed an army of nephilm with them then kill them. Rainheart ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$10 - 30
Help with Internet Marketing - real estate business
I need some help with performing various marketing related tasks online. I am very knowledgeable in the subject but don't have time to execute everything. Need someone who can keep up. Right now one of my clients needs to get more visibility in Yelp and other like sites. I'm looking for someone here to put a good plan together and then execute it. Everything will be paid by milestones. MUST ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Search the Web for Something 2
Hello i have name,company name i need email and detail.I pay per email .I need you search email for person .I will send winner [url removed, login to view] you have LinkedIn premier account that easy for you to find [url removed, login to view] carefully. I have name and company name you need to find email website [url removed, login to view] you can do that or riding my description then you message ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$10 - 30
5 hours a week Virtual Assistant
I am looking for a Virtual assistant to work with who will post blog posts to twitter and article directories, design simple pictures on canva to be used in blog posts and ( as we learn to work together, I will ask you to take a completed bare blog post and edit/prettify and publish), You wil be asked to do internet research sometimes as well. To start, it will be a 5 hour position and that time must ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$2 - 8
My Experience - open to bidding
I've written articles for a free lancer before. I am good with grammar and can write in my own style as well. Full details »
2 weeks ago$18 - 36
Expand a proposal outline to full proposal
I have a proposal briefing (500 words) plus a previous attempt for 2500 word proposal (mostly incorrect, except for tiny parts). Budget: $36 (extra hours will not be paid) Full details »
2 weeks ago$8 - 15
Write an eBook
I am looking for Kindle Book Writers to cover varying niches. These will include non-fiction and fiction titles. Example Niches • Health & Fitness • Internet Marketing, Business & Moneymaking • Food & Cooking • Trivia, Puzzles & Quizzes • Relationship & Dating Advice • Personal Development • Parenting Advice • Children’s Short Stories • Adult ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$20 - 250
Integrated broiler processing plant in Iran
Design, construct, commission and run a vertically integrated broiler processing plant in Iran, starting with raw material sourcing for broiler feed internationally as well as locally, manufacturing feed by constructing a feedmill, establishing parent and broiler chick rearing farms, constructing hatchery, constructing poultry dressing plant, establishing sales and marketing team. Full details »
2 weeks ago$75000 - 150000
Please tell me the Thai app introduction site, also a little of the translation
Hello. I made a Android App for the Thailand. I want to promote the application in Thailand of site or blog. However, I do not know the Thai language. So, I want you to tell me the blog or site is to introduce the app. It Thai language site or blog. I want to introduce as a set the site name and URL and contact information (e-mail address or Mail form). Also, I want you to translated ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$10 - 30
Aircel data entry projects
Patel Infosoft has tie up with India, US, UK and more Outsourcing companies to conduct and outsource project in the market with highest degree of the quality. Our valuable clients work with us for the best service and quality output within the stipulated time frame. Patel Infosoft has established a good quality in the market for best services. [url removed, login to view] We are open for ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Re-write Articles- 5 -- 2
Hi There, I still need more freelancers to re-write articles for me. I have 10 articles of 350 words to be re-written. Simple stuff, just need them with no copied content and errors. I am offering 50 INR for 1000 words re-write. At this point in time, I can only offer this much but I can provide excellent feedback. PS: There are more " Article Writing" projects coming up in future ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$100 - 400
Write Some Articles for Me
I need some articles written for my [url removed, login to view] should be professional and encouraging with some author's opinion so readers will respond and leave comments. The articles should be about interesting ideas and be original content. Please message me if you have any questions, Full details »
2 weeks ago$20 - 75
2 weeks ago$250 - 750
Decision support system-travel planning
Designing a decision support system for a person who wants to cover events taking place in a country, keeping the cost minimum.( travelling sales man problem). The event here is "sunburn" show in India. ([url removed, login to view] ). This typically is an optimization problem using linear programming. The solution is to be generated using " frontline analytical Solver" tool ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Software Management! - open to bidding
Hi, I'll do everything via Teamviewer. You just have to bear with me, buddy. I need a guy from Australia to run a software that manages Facebook accounts. Is that something you can handle? I'll give you a good sum depending on how you work with me, and how much I make. I'll probably make a few thousands per day and that's not bullshit. Full details »
2 weeks ago$250 - 750
Symbolism in Macbeth - open to bidding
Write a 1 1/2 page paper about symbolism in Macbeth. Take several scenes throughout the play and write what symbolisms are in there. 12 point font double spaced. Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing 2
To conducting a literature review in a subject related to ICT domain -already identified (max 3 pages). Requirements: 1. Details will be provided to selected freelancer. 2. No third party 3. 100% free plagiarism, grammatical and spelling errors 4. DEADLINE: max 1 day (24 Hours) 5. I expect flawless English 6. Project will be cancelled if you fail to maintain the due date Full details »
2 weeks ago$10 - 30
Write an supernatural eBook
need some one who would accept a budget of writing a supernatural ebook Profile Here is a Summary of the ebook There is a world that is hidden from human eyes a world that Werewolves and demons clash for world domination werewolves protect the humans for long time from demons to aliens. The wolf clan called Leverno group they protect london from getting taking over by demon but who been controlling ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Suggest a name for new Outsourcing Company (Accounting & tax)
Hi, I need a good suggestion for a company name. It is an outsourcing company that deals with outsourcing of Accounting, finance and tax service. The company name should have the word 'Virtual' in it. Thanks. Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Technical Blog Articles Writing for CoolWriter30 -- 2
Please see attached file which describes the job. You must read it. Full details »
2 weeks ago$60 - 60
Advanced Project Management .. Powerpoint Project
Hello, I have to make 15 PowerPoint slides an article provided in the attachment. And it must fit into the material given in the attachment as well (PowerPoint slides). ALL REQUIREMENTS ATTACHED ... Please follow them carefully !! Note: In each slide must write a note explaining the points you mentioned. Thanks! Full details »
2 weeks ago$40 - 45
Write an eBook - Romance novel
Looking for a ghostwriter that will write a good romance novel for the purpose of being published under another authors name, must have a unique writing style. Payment will be the bid, and a 15% percentage of the books profits. Full details »
2 weeks ago$10 - 30
Academic Writing - History of Art and Civilisation
Unknown five- historical image attached and the requirement: 1- knowing and define with link for the images from history books (name the book & page number) or academic article. 2- Style and period for each image -Date - Mediums – Location. 3- Writing (academic) a formal 250-300 word paper on EACH image, independently placing the piece within its art historical context using formal ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Academic Writing
Essay title: Obolensky (2010) suggests that there is a discontinuity in the classic leadership role. Investigate this in relation to modern leadership demands. - Need 15-20 journal references (preferably 2010 onwards) - Reference listing in Harvard Referencing System - 2000 word count - Include 2 classic and 2 modern theories with examples (preferably a news) key areas: 1. individual & ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$10 - 20
I just want to write articles on the basis of different topics and to give fresh ideas.
I have done English hons. PG. in Mass Comm(print journalism).I worked in danik jag ran,Aviation Magazine for one year. Full details »
2 weeks ago$1500 - 12500
Google index problem
My website [url removed, login to view] is being removed from google index. When I go on the webmaster tool to fetch and render the homepage, after a few hours my website is back and appear on my targeted keywords on google. However after a while it is being removed again and from appearing on the first google result page suddenly you can't find the website anywhere. When I do a site search I've ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Premium Adult Diaper Manufacturer | Supplier
Hi I'm in the market of selling premium adult diapers and I'm looking for someone who could find the manufacturer of these two products: > [url removed, login to view] > [url removed, login to view] The manufacturers are somewhere in China (I believe) but I'm unable to locate them. Your job is to do the research and find me the companies that produce these diapers. Note: ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 100
pc on any place
this new project to get new look of technology in my town this new project in my town all idea is to make in all place a mini pc he can conncét with you pc at home i hope to get interest with my idea and thanks Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Cosmopolitan Diaspora research paper
I am an MA student and I have a final paper about cosmopolitan diaspora. My paper is about a novel by an Arab-American writer Diana Abu Jaber. I'm writing the paper right now I just need someone to proofread it and check my argument and the structure of the paper. The research paper will be around 15 pages. It's a plus if you are an expert in comparative and transnational studies. Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Write an eBook (10-12 pgs, 100-200 words each)
Hi there, I am interested in getting an e-book written about nutrition and gourmet foods. I would like to have a 10-12 page e-book (each page 100 - 200 words). Here are the details: Title: "Gourmet & Nutrition for Busy Professionals" Each page should cover one topic: 1) Gourmet on the run - How to make gourmet foods when you're in a hurry 2) Impressing your SO (significant ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Research - Importing Salt into Canada from Ukraine
I have a contact Ukraine. The salt producing plant that has a lot of unsold stock, as all export to Russia has stopped (due to current political situation). They have large volumes of salt for sale. I want to look into possible import to Canada. I need to have research on the following: 1) Salt regulations from CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) - list of documents that you would need ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Write a Technical Report,
Related to IT , computer science and computer systems Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Qualified LEADS for startup project $2/hr
Leads, Email Marketing, Telemarketing, Sales, Web Search, Virtual Assistant, Classified Posting I am looking for motivated, energetic and dedicated individuals who enjoy the challenge of working in a new project. I need you to research and find high qualified prospects that could be interested to fund my startup project. This is a full-time position, 40 hours per week. And there is the opportunity ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$2 - 8
Research of Activeware business in USA
complete research report of active-wear/Exercise/Yoga-wear business .1)Which are the main player in this business.2) which are the top companies in this field.3) what is the growth rate in this [url removed, login to view] companies are in Retail/Catalogue/Web based in this.4)what we can do to enter in this businessThis is an URGENT requirement for an immediate start - Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Write an article about top 10 Rally Cars in 2014
Hello, I need a top 10 rally cars that are in sale (in showrooms) and available for purchase, based on the top rally cars in 2014 season. You can use WRC, ERC, Dakkar and any other rally at hand. Please bid on the project only if you are a rally fan and know about the rally industry. I need perfect English, good spelling and grammar. When bidding, please state the reason why you want to ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$10 - 30
Write an eBook
need someone to finish an ebook more then 150 pages for 250,000 words for a budget. I do not have that much money so need a budget freelance that willing to do this if you dont want to accept budget don't bid. Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Academic paper (URGENT)
Academic paper (URGENT) 8 pages within 10 hours Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Stakeholders perception Survey of Herbalife in philippines
Hi, Greetings from Field Global. We are having an urgent study to be conducted in Philippines. Please send in your best possible competitive quote. Market: Specify the country name Sample size: N=50 Quota Sample Media: key print / broadcast / online media from business / consumer / healthcare / direct selling for 3 years above beat that are important conduit for Herbalife to reach out to its ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Place eBook onto biggest online bookstores in India.
My ebook to be made available and promoted on the biggest online bookstores in India. Full details »
2 weeks ago$250 - 750
Rad Waste Management- 1388 -- 2
Need to answer some question with the help of ANL report. Deadline is 2 days. Full details »
2 weeks ago$600 - 2000
Telemarket for me
Please see the details in attachment. Full details »
2 weeks ago$12500 - 37500
Training for Marketing Research (Basic)
We want to be trained on the basics of Marketing research, customized to the line of business we operate. For more details please course your queries through my email. For an overview of our business, visit [url removed, login to view] Full details »
2 weeks ago$1200 - 10000
Write an eBook in Men Niche
Hello there, I am looking for someone who will write an eBook for my latest project. I'm outsourcing 4 eBooks and I'll love to hire four people for this project. Each eBook should be up to 75 pages and the topic shall be provided by me. If you think you can do this, let me know. The niche is grooming for men. I'm outsourcing dating, sex, beard grooming and develop good habit ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Rad Waste Management- 1388
Need to answer some question with the help of ANL report. Deadline is 2 days. Full details »
2 weeks ago$600 - 2000
Help me with Marketing
Hi there, we want to be trained on the basics of Marketing research customized to the line of business we operate. We are manufacturers of Fall arrest systems, Scaffolding equipment, Facade access equipment, and Suspended Platforms. We are continuing to expand globally, and we would like to be gain insight on Marketing research on target countries. Marketing Research should focus on the construction ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$1200 - 10000
Stakeholders perception Survey of Herbalife in philippines
Hi, Greetings from Field Global. We are having an urgent study to be conducted in Malaysia. Please send in your best possible competitive quote. Market: Specify the country name Sample size: N=50 Quota Sample Media: key print / broadcast / online media from business / consumer / healthcare / direct selling for 3 years above beat that are important conduit for Herbalife to reach out to its ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$1500 - 3000
Write an eBook
Write an ebook, some research necessary Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Research and Create Power Point
I need some one to research and create a power point for Home Safety. How to prepare your house for security. Burgerler proof your home. I needs slides that have pictures and description on how to take steps to make your home safer from break ins. For example... "Install a sturdy deadbolt lock on every door to the [url removed, login to view] any room with window bars, make sure at least ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
URGENT now: Research and Deliver the best SIM card to San Jose hotel
It will help if you live in San Jose... The job is simple: Step 1) Research the best company in Costa Rica which provides internet SIM cards and has the best 4G speed coverage in Carmona (Guanacaste)... I heard Kolbi ICE is good...? Step 2) Buy a data internet only **unlimited** SIM CARD which I can use for 2 months. (I will use this SIM card in my Huawei MiFi device.) Step 3) On ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Assignment/Coursework/Proofread helper
I will write an assignments/coursework or proofread. I will not receive Mathematics , Science, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry ,Fizik subjects. In English /Malay Full details »
2 weeks ago$32 - 125