Research Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Construction: External Walls
Extensive literature review and critical comparison between two types of walls, In order to apply for this project you must have a contraction back ground or highly level research experience. Full details »
4 months ago$250 - 750
Write an eBook
I am looking to work with someone that can put together short PDF eBooks that feature great content marketing tips and tricks. I am looking for these eBooks to be around 3-5 pages. Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Search for online literature written in Thai script that are in Public Domain
Locate literature, short stories, songs, movies online in Thai language that are in public domain and free to use, without infringing copyright and can be used for commercial purposes. Evidence that the material is in Public Domain must also be provided. Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
reqrd professional in writing -- 3
Required perfect writer to do 3500 words Budget : 70$ .. please don't bid more than that to be done in 2 days Please carefully check the requirements attached .. 1- requirements file . pdf 2- Excel sheet that contains companies to be used The excel sheet has the companies to chose from for question 3 and answering the following questions depending on the two chosen. 3- report ... Full details »
4 months ago$40 - 70
Reports on current legal and economic situations in China
I'm an American looking into opening import/export business, and would like to deal with someone that can give me written reports on subjects I'm interested in, in English. I want to encrypt our communications via PGP, and pay with Bitcoin. Multiple projects, paid based on time required to fulfill. Full details »
4 months ago$10 - 30
Ghostwrite 3 manuscripts [Research]
Selecting a freelancer to ghostwrite 3 manuscripts for research journals. Data and materials will be provided. Further discussion will be done on personal chat. Please provide milestones as follows: 1. Paper 1 completed and plagiarism checked 2. Paper 1 accepted for publication 3. Paper 2 completed and plagiarism checked 4. Paper 2 accepted for publication 5. Paper 3 completed and plagiarism ... Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Essay: Benefits of young bilinguals in working memory
Working memory (WM) is a sort of mental workspace that people use for many aspects of everyday life. It appears that WM is one of the most important cognitive mechanisms linked with executive function and various other cognitive abilities. For example, research has continued to demonstrate that good performance on WM has been associated with better controlled attention, while deficits of WM are ... Full details »
4 months ago$12 - 30
Psychology Dissertation
literature review- Chapters have already been started. I would need information added to the preexisting framework from relevant, peer reviewed articles. Knowledge of psychology will likely be necessary. I would like to start with one chapter and, if all goes well, continue using the same writer for the remainder of the project (large opportunity for re-hire). Full details »
4 months ago$250 - 750
Resume Database Java 4+Years
I need list of people who have minimum 4-9 years experience in JAVA with their resume who are looking for job in Chennai location, Tamilnadu, India. Full details »
4 months ago$600 - 1500
Research Compressor specs
Hi, I need to find out the operating performance of a Trane reciprocating compressor Model 3F5B40N. I need to know * Swept volume/revolution + Motor power consumption + Delivery volume (free gas delivery) + Maximum operating speed A manual for the unit would also be good. Full details »
4 months ago$10 - 30
I've got to get my assignment in but have no idea how to do it. I have a sample of how I would like it to be done. Please start a new page (tab format) for each question. Full details »
4 months ago$8 - 15
Research into traditional and online car sales in UK
I need someone to conduct two 30 minute recorded interviews with a car dealer and a car broker for a research report I am writing for an overseas company. I will supply the questions. You will need to arrange and conduct recorded interviews. No need to write up Full details »
4 months ago