Security Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Website Hacked
My wordpress site seems to of been hacked and someone has put a redirect in there when accessed via a non direct link, such as a link from Google. It appears to load normally when the site is gone to directly. It redirects to malware sites. I need someone to find the cause of this redirect and remove it, and to tighen the security of my site so it cannot be hacked. Full details »
3 years agon/a
Ebay Epn Classified Ads Search Engine
Build eBay EPN classified ads search engine from scratch (not clone!) based on Google hot trends keyword updates 1. Important SEO (Panda, Penguin) 2. No duplicate listnings 3. truncate <title>title</title> (no empty space at end of title after truncate) (truncate words not characters) by default also it's must be possible choose by user how many words(not characters) ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Chrooted Sftp Server With Security
We have a project that requires a unique server configuration that I can't seem to work out. I am posting a contest for whoever solves the issue. My issue is that I can't work out the permissions to allow users read/write (and Delete) AND have them sent to their home dir on login (a requirement). I have a Debian server running OpenSSH set up with a chroot set to be /home/ but this is causing an issue ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Site Transfer
I need to have an entire site transferred from one hosting company to another. I need the ENTIRE SITE including databases and ALL information contained within the database. This is a sensitive move and a each database contains pertinent information for each of its subscribers. Therefore, complete autonomy and security IS A MUST! Client MUST be able to verify a complete transfer or duplicate ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Website Hacked: Clean Files And Correct Security Issues
My PHP site keeps getting attacked and hacked... I need some help and fast to correct the issues found by 'Site Scanner' by Google. My control panel can not be accessed right now, so I need help getting it back online so I can use it and help to protect it from future issues. Here is what site scanner found... 1.The remote web server hosts one or more cgi scripts that fail to adequately sanitize ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Website Security Find Exploit For Reward
Hi, Recently my website was hacked allowing hacker to gain root access to site server. I have done a small patch as I had 1 folder inside website with full permissions, which might of been the exploit. Looking for someone who can try find any dangerious exploits for me site and tell me how to patch. Will pay $100-500 if your able to find. PM me for URL Thanks. Full details »
3 years agon/a
Classified Ad Site Clone/copy & Modify
I will provide a working clone of BackPage Your responsibility will be to: - Set It Up On A Provided Dedicated Server or VPS - Secure The Server, Source Code & Linux Distro from Hacking Attempts & DOS/DDOS (As much as possible via server side) - Copy over a certain section of ADs from original backpage site and repost. - Design/Implement a simple but visually attractive and ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Penny Auction Website Design And Development - 1 2 2
WARNING: Please note that only expert who has the commitment to fulfill my requirement within the deadline can bid for the project. No excuses will be accepted for the project delayed. If you don't understand my requirement, please let me know and I will explain to you one by one. I would like to have a penny auction website which can be run run smoothly and very attractive and bright. I would also ... Full details »