Security Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Ethical Hacking Expert Needed
Would like someone to teach me practical ethical hacking concepts and how hackers proceed step by step. Full details »
3 years agon/a
Security Fix
My customer is hosting a website on my server and this site has been attacked with sql injections and someone uploaded phishing sites many times. You can get the temporary site URL here I need a php coding professional to audit security issues and then fix the security holes specialy those related to sql injections and unauthorized file uploading. Once ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Unique Template 2
We are an Electrical, Fire Alarm and Security Business looking for a custom template, we're looking to update our website and will look to move it to wordpress. This must be unique, professional and stand out, I would prefer to see a mockup before I make a decision. Full details »
3 years agon/a
Transfer Files & Databases To New Hosting Company
I need to transfer about 20 websites and MySQL databases to a new hosting company. The old hosting company had a Malware attack, I need these websites cleaned and moved. Need done asap. Here is one of the websites: Thank you Full details »
3 years agon/a
Malware Cleanup Needed
I have a website that has been infected with Malware and I need it cleaned up and restored. My hosting company has been unable to fix this for me. I have access to the files, database and everything. It is a Wordpress website: Need this done ASAP as website is currently down. Full details »
3 years agon/a
Remove Malware From My Blogs/sites 2
Hi, I just don't have the time to go through and remove the uploaded file and edit the htaccess files to remove the redirects on my sites/blogs/ If you can do that, please send me a PM and quote me a price. I think I have about 20 WP blogs and sites effected. Please only pm if you have good feedback, understand how to handle this issue and DO NOT over bid as I will just delete those bids that ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Remove Malware From My Blogs
I need someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to removing malware from my server. I have several sites infected and have manually removed the malware but they have managed to have the same files pop back up and change my htaccess file to redirect traffic. Please PM me if you have malware removal experience and know exactly how to find and remove malware from the server. Please PM 1st ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Move Joomla 1.5 Site And Remove Malware
I have a joomla 1.5 website that I would like moved to a new server and the malware removed. I need this done as soon as possible. I need the malware removed and the clean site/database moved to the new server. Full details »
3 years agon/a
Wordpress Site Hacked
Our wordpress site has been hacked and even though we have cleaned the files I want to make sure that everything is off the site. We need someone to check the site for current malware and patch where the hackers are coming in. Thank you! Full details »
3 years agon/a
Individual Paper - Privacy Issues
Write a 3-4 page paper discussing information privacy issues and laws in an industry. Select the industry, if possible, that the company you described in week 2 is in. Include the following in your paper: Identify information privacy regulations and laws for an industry that includes your organization selected in week two's assignment. Use the Internet to research this material. One helpful site ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Write Iptables Rules Forwarding
Hi, I currently use CSF to make a redirect from a 10Gbps server to a 1gbps server to protect them from ddos but the problem is that if i redirect all it will redirect also syn_sent and all others packets/connections.. ando so is like the frontend attack the backend. What i'm looking is to write a iptables rules to forward traffic from one IP of one server of a specific port to another ip of another ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Wordpress Website Hacked - Clean It Up And Fix It
I have a friend who's Wordpress website was hacked and code was inserted into a lot of his pages. I have changed all the passwords, even the admin username, and I removed all the code I found, but the code came back later and no matter how many times I remove it, it comes back. I need someone to clean up his website completely and make sure the code doesn't come back (locating the proper files that ... Full details »