Visual Arts Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
We need an explainer video for the product and the services that we will be offering. The service provided would be a fully automated attendance system for schools with the help of RFID cards and a GPS tracking system for school buses for proper student and vehicle tracking. Everytime the child enters or leaves the school premises the sensors on the schoolgates are going to read the RFID tag that they ... Full details »
1 day ago$12500 - 37500
Business Conference Logo
The theme of this business conference is FOCUS. We are all studying the book by the same name written by Daniel Goleman (google FOCUS by Daniel Goleman) and we are all part of the same industry, auto parts. I am looking for a kick ass, energetic and original logo. There are no parameters on style, color, font, all or no caps. Get as creative as you can be and show me something original that displays ... Full details »
3 days ago$30 - 250
Projetar um Logo
Hello, need 2 logotypes for gaming community and informatic shop. Low Price. Full details »
3 days ago$8 - 30
I need a 15-17 mins explanatory video for my Lift (Elevator) company
I need a 15-17 mins explanatory video for my Lift (Elevator) company. With English audio and background music. The company manufactures Lifts, Elevators and escalators. The video will explain on how the organisation manufactures a lift with use of modern machines and techniques. The video will give its viewers an idea of the manufacturing process of a lift with good use of grafix effects and animation ... Full details »
4 days ago$1500 - 3000
Animated Christmas cards - Design in Flash
We are looking for a person and need to create of 9 Christmas flash cards according to the company's style. Simple and clever [url removed, login to view] of them just need a lot of playful christmas details. I would ask everyone to do a small example for us. The main things that every card needs to include are below: 1.-It needs to be a dynamic flash card,at least 10 seconds 2.-certainly ... Full details »
5 days ago$250 - 750
Modern Hype
Clothing Line, Urban street wear, high fashion, company logo. Full details »
5 days ago$250 - 750
Design a Logo for Funny Food
We need a new logo for a food company that delivers healthy food for children (ages 3 to 12) The name of the company is Funny Food and the website is [url removed, login to view] (under construction) Our logo must include one of the onions of the file attached. We will buy this artwork of onions from shutterstock and we will provide you the hi-res image or vector to build the last version. The ... Full details »
6 days ago$10 - 30
Badass VFX / Visual Effects artist needed!
Looking for a badass vfx / visual effects artist that can help us produce creative and mindblowing postproduction on videos we have made for clients. Its mainly in fashion and advertising, both products and models. We need you to be sharp, detailed and easily understand and follow up a brief. Of course you are not afraid of believing in the power of going completely bananas. Full details »
7 days ago$250 - 750
Trace/create vector image from logo
Need a logo redrawn into a vector image (EPS). See attached image. It is not necessary to include the background texture in the outer shape. Full details »
1 week ago$10 - 30
Italian Citizenship Consultants Logo
We are a consulting firm that works with Italian citizenship to descendants of Italians who emigrated to the American continent. We need a logo that expresses the essence of Italy, but is not on the touristic aspect. We need something that involves the colors of the Italian flag, and has something like shadows around the logo or inside. We have the logo of a competitor as an example to facilitate ... Full details »
1 week ago$30 - 250
Modify Custom Antique-like Investment Certificate - Photoshop
I have done most modifications myself, but there are a few remaining modifications that exceed my skill level. We are using these to give to investors as a novelty item, those who invest in different levels of our shipwreck treasure hunt on RMS Republic. IMAGE MODIFICATIONS: 1) "SHARES" in upper right corner needs to be changed to "UNITS" (must match "NUMBER" font ... Full details »
1 week ago$30 - 250
Anacortes ship Harbor Inn - logo
I'm the owner of the Anacortes ship Harbor Inn in Anacortes, WA and would like have some help with a logo. Full details »
1 week ago$30 - 250
NSFW Comic/Illustrations
I'm looking to have either a: 1) NSFW comic illustrated or) 2) A series of NSFW artworks. Deadlines will be lenient and I will leave lots up to artist interpretation. I will need to see a portfolio. Please let me know if you want more information. Full details »
2 weeks ago$750 - 1500
Comic designer/artist, who knows how to work digitally
I want an expert who has experience of comic design or comic art work. As I am planning to launch a comic and have it's story and script ready but need a comic artist to start working on it. The comic will be online so, I don't want a comic artist who doesn't know how to work digitally. This is a very huge comic so, you should consider yourself to be working with me for months. To ... Full details »
2 weeks ago$30 - 250
Visual merchandise for a new bath and body products brand
The above bath and body products brand is going to retail out of high end cafes and restaurants and I require an extremely innovative way to display the products in that environment. Full details »
2 weeks ago$1500 - 12500
Artist Needed - Design a TATTOO of my Arm
I would like a tattoo that isn't heavy on the arm. I plan on placing this tattoo on the top of my bicep and some forearm area. This will go on my right arm, the tattoo should start about 2 inches below my elbow on the inside of my forearm and track towards the top of my bicep which is where I would like the text fade into a beast, like an actual monster/beast. My name is Mark. Full details »
3 months ago$30 - 250
Remake halloween mask
i have a rubber halloween mask of an old man its ripped and melted. Its been in the family and has damage. I would like to have it remade? Full details »
3 months ago$30 - 250
Static website redesign for a fashion designer
Looking to redesign a static website with simple, minimalistic and progressive look for a fashion designer. Multiple tabs, linked sliding images and video. Full details »
3 months ago$30 - 250
Design 10 Vector Graphic Images Of Fossils Based on Photos
We need ten different, quality vector graphics of a fossils based off of photographs that will be provided. These vector graphic images will be used embroidery, engraving and printing on various merchandise we are producing. This needs to be kept in mind in determining what level of detail to include. We need this project completed within a week. There will be milestones for handing off the individual ... Full details »
3 months ago$250 - 750
Need Arabic Person That Can Upload All Arabic songs to my website
Need an arabic person that can upload me to my website all arabic songs in 2-3 days an organized way ..ill tell them how to do it it is very easy . People from Lebanon,Egypt,Syria,Iraq,Tunisia will be better thanks Full details »
3 months ago$10 - 30
Design an Advertisement
Chalk board menu/ art for hotel in Tribeca Full details »
3 months ago$30 - 250
EASY: Celebrate an independence day. Email us a photo.
SHORT DESCRIPTION: We are looking for one or more people to celebrate the independence day of a country OTHER than their own on that country's independence day. Then, email us a photo of your celebration and a short description of what you did. This is for an international art project called "59 Days of Independence". The following countries are available. Just pick one and do something ... Full details »
3 months ago$10 - 30
Illustrate Something
We are creating an explainer narrative for our product offering. As background context for the same, there are a few concepts/themes that we'd like to incorporate into the storyboard - for example, "The vast majority of consumers tend to check their phones before they go to bed" The work involves creating visual/graphic artifacts to help with the narrative - and the preference is to ... Full details »
3 months ago$30 - 250
Whiteboard Video Scribe Project
Hey guys. I am looking for a freelancer that can do Video Scribe. Basically i have a video here that i need put into white board illustration. Now, not every word needs to be put into the animation, just the highlights. I would like to see examples of past work. This is the video that i am working with. [url removed, login to view] Full details »
3 months ago$30 - 250
Interior painting Job
We are looking for someone to paint a room/fitness area in our office Full details »
3 months ago$750 - 1500
Story Drawing
Draw 6-10 Pictures . Tell a SHORT story with only 6 drawn pictures (10 max) with a plot twist. No TEXT , SPEECH BUBBLES, however you can use street signs or store signs. Keep it simple. cliche plot twist are okay ! **no plagiarism, original work only. ATTACHED: Example Full details »
3 months ago$10 - 30
Design a Logo
BRINSTORMING: First, I create a mind map which helps me explore all possible design directions emerging from the information I've gathered. Then, after allowing my ideas to mature for a day or two, I review, expand and finish the mind map, highlighting the most relevant ideas with the best potential for visual interpretation. VISUAL RESEARCH: - I check the trademark vaults to avoid any ... Full details »
3 months ago$250 - 750
admin support - open to bidding
Love For Art Gallery is seeking to employ credible and reliable administrative assistant whose primary assignment will be handling retail purchases, data entry,- Provide research on potential,existing clients along the competitive landscape and customer [url removed, login to view] is a part-time project that requires emailing, book keeping, filing, photocopying, processing of invoices,Assist ... Full details »
3 months ago$250 - 750
Alves Tan Photography ----
My Name is Bruno Alves, From Alves Tan Photography, Professional Landscape and Fashion Photography. My Portfolio can be Access on [url removed, login to view] A photographer from South of Brazil, Moving around the Planet , Fascinated for Nature, Exploring Different Culture. Based in Bangkok, Thailand Until 20 of September Of 2014. Enquires Please drop us a Email Available ... Full details »
3 months ago$750 - 1500
Interior painting Job
We are looking for someone to paint a room/fitness area in our office Full details »
3 months ago$750 - 1500
Correct and Export a PDF Document
Export to PDF format, the picture link below (in order of file names). [url removed, login to view] The file must be in sequence, such as a product catalog in the horizontal format. Note: there is a file (number 0 - zero) that contains a double page. This should be divided in half and placed one as early as the end and the other. VERY IMPORTANT: the final PDF file should be as small ... Full details »
3 months ago$10 - 30
Teezels Custom Tee Shirts and Designs, INC
I want you to design a logo for my tee shirt business. The name of the company is Teezels Custom Tee Shirts and Designs, Inc. I want the logo to be both contemporary and fun. The design should be colorful, yet professional. I want a logo that will catch the eye but not too busy. The company site will allow people to design their own tee shirts, so I would like the logo to capture the creative attention ... Full details »
3 months ago$10 - 30
Visual Artist for Signed Musical Act
We are currently seeking a visual artist to interpret and conceptualize our flagship musical act in preparation for a major label international release. Our goal is to find an inspired artist to encapsulate the core essence of our artist and create the visual environment; a cohesive aesthetic spanning photography, album art, logo, projections and digital/physical presence. We request interested individuals ... Full details »
3 months ago$400 - 3000
Graphic Novel artist
A graphic artist is required to draw illustrations for a graphic novel. Drawings will be of humans and not caricatures or comics. See attached samples. Full details »
3 months ago$20 - 250
Illustrations for Children's Stories - open to bidding
Hi Sophialotus, We need beautiful illustrations for a traditional Indian story which has been rewritten in English for children 5 - 9 years old. The story is approximately 1600 - 1800 words in length. In your Portfolio, we like your Cinderella and Rapunzel illustrations and we also like the intricacy and detail of your Architectural illustrations. We would like something similar but with traditional ... Full details »
3 months ago$2 - 8
Email visualisation
We are looking to create a very simple animation to depict our email usage as a company. We will put the voiceover in place once the animation has been created, we are including the voice-over text so you have guidelines on timing between the various parts of the story. Created video much play on a public service such as youtube (.mov, .avi, etc). Slide 1) Animation: Stick figure sat at desk → ... Full details »
3 months ago$250 - 750
barn upgrading
i have a farm shop in suffolk which has expanded and I need visual merchandising help, colours, lighting etc as we have moved into the next door barn and I would like some wow factor displays for Christmas gifts, goodies etc as well as everyday shop displays Full details »
4 months ago$250 - 750
Polyvore sets - open to bidding
Need someone to make 100 polyvore sets using items from my website. (dont know polyvore? easy stuff, similar [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], 2 mins per set, quick money) Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Matchstick Mobile Game Design
We are a small Mobile Games startup: Black Array ltd. We have been creating an innovative Matchstick game for iOS and Android, but there is no GUI for the moment. In order to complete our first project, we need to hire a Graphic Designer with a clear view of Visual Arts and Typography. The designer will have the following tasks: - Create the game GUI - Create the Splash Screen - Create the App ... Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Jazz up a Sales/Investor presentation
I have developed content for a Sales/Investor presentation. I want to make it look more professional & jazzy - including creating a few images if necessary. Let me know if you have the inclination to do this. Required skills: Good presentation skills, powerpoint & creative Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
cartoon style graphics by photo
Dear Artists! It is necessary to design illustration after a photo in cartoon style. It could be made in vector format mixed media or free hand and mixed media. Style of work have to be similar to Nad Kendy but your original style is mote e important . Please participate whit portfolio or your best works in that field. Tank you! Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Illustrate Something -- 2
I need someone to design/illustrate a 'nano-bird' for a book cover. I have sample images that I can email to the right bidder to create a draft design. The bird has to look malevolent and dark (almost a silhouette that is menacing) but with sufficient details to show that it (the bird) is actually composed of nano-mites. Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Design some Business Cards
HI there i need business cards design ASAP. I have attached a photo of our old business card. The Title needs to be changed to Sales & Marketing for that picture one. 2. I need business cards for two other people and one extra one without any names or titles just the business details and the services we offer to distribute and place for advertisement at other businesses. Our company website ... Full details »
4 months ago$2 - 8
Create an Animation
hi, i have to make a few images or illustrations. can you work with blender software? Then i have to make a few animations 2 d or 3 d to illustrate the same concept which we will make show in illustrations. you will have to work with me on [url removed, login to view] you can not spend time on revisions then don't bid on [url removed, login to view] hour rate will be hours spend on live ... Full details »
4 months ago$8 - 15
Write a Business Plan
I am here fr part time sex work... Full details »
4 months ago$750 - 1250
4 months ago$30 - 50
graphic designer - open to bidding
Love Art Gallery is seeking to employ credible and reliable freelancer whose primary assignment will be handling retail artwork purchases, data entry,- Provide research on potential,existing clients along the competitive landscape and customer services.This is a part-time project that requires emailing, book keeping, filing, photocopying, processing of invoices,Assist in identifying potential ... Full details »
4 months ago$250 - 750
Design a Logo
i am my self skills graphic designer from M.S.U,(Baroda) India ,M.F.A,1993 ,''21''year working in the field of graphic design Full details »
4 months ago$150000 - 250000
CGI animator designer
I want someone who can create visual effects with or without greenscreen, knows how to track objects, create 3d characters and make them move for short films that I create, i have a lot of work with pay for the right person. This is a freelance part time job Full details »
4 months ago$30 - 250
Do some 3D Modelling
We are looking for designers in the framework of a 3d printing start up. Creation of creative, decorative and artistic 3d models of objects. In a wide spectral of type of objects, based on precise briefings. Full details »
4 months ago$8 - 50
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