Voting Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Mutlimedia Social Voting Cms Portal
I would like to create a website centered around voting on pictures, media files and written accounts that is social network friendly so it will catch on through Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, etc. This portal must also be mobile friendly since so many people use smartphones and tablets these days! Pricing is negotiable for the best suited subcontractor. I am looking for a competent, reliable ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
I am looking to create a portal for people to upload photos and narrative text of before and after home and garden improvement projects. It would be a free member site. The goal would be to have it as a reference for people considering home and garden improvement projects and looking for ideas. Top projects in various categories would be showcased and perhaps voted on ect. I would like the project ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Script For Voting
Hi all, Just a quick and small project that should take a good programmer 10-15 minutes. I need a script for the following: Echos a button that when pressed does the following: - Adds the users IP to a table called 'block' in a column called 'user_ip'. - Adds the value of '$server_id' to the table 'servers' in the column 'id' - Adds 1 on to the current number in table 'servers' in the ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Script For Listing Servers And Voting
The website needs to be built of four primary pages... 1) Home This will have the menu bar, a search bar and the list of servers. 2) Register Allows server administrators to create their account. 3) Login Allow server admins to sign in. 4) Control panel This allows sever administrators to add their server to the list, buy features for their server and edit existing details. Graphically ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Online Voting
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3 years agon/a
Voting Widget With Reporting
Drag and Drop voting with reporting VOTING STEP 1 User goes to voting page 1 drags MEN to spots on the field from list. clicks next or submit (message appears) slide 2 STEP 2 User goes to voting (image 3) drags WOMEN to spots on the field from list. clicks next or submit (message appears) slide 4 STEP 3 user fills out personal information and clicks submit. **** goalies can only go ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Programming & Research: American President Electoral Vote
This is a simple project. I'll consider anyone. So if you don't have any feedback on Scriptlance yet this may be your first feedback. Experienced programmer/ researchers are welcome too. Budget: $20. Time to complete: 48 hours. Your job: provide United States Electoral Vote (EV) based on zip code. Details: Americans president is elected based on the number of Electoral Votes (EV). Whoever ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Voting Website
I have a website design that I need to implement a voting contest system. Here is the mock design of how it will look. This is the home page where they can search for a person: This is how the individual's page will look, maybe add some more space for more photos and text: All of this will ... Full details »
3 years agon/a
Program For Faster Voting
I'm in a contest and have bug in my program and can't get to work. It was working fine until the past day. Not sure what happened. The voting is through facebook. Sign on to facebook go to link click vote then sign into next facebook and vote again. I have facebook accounts just need bug fixed in program but need done fast. Can you help Full details »
3 years agon/a
Wine Diego- Need Open Cart Help / Voting Plugin And More
I am having an ONLINE label contest for Wine Labels. I need help with my Open Cart. I need: - to add my social media icons and links - Convert 3 PDF files into HTML links / as well as add google docs - Figure out a better voting plug in/ and a way for wineries to submit their own logos/ labels through the website - Create 3 new Banners for the 3 upcoming events - Integrate social media ... Full details »