WMI Projects

Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
Windows Agent-wmi (clone)
Goal: Create an installable "headless" agent which will allow us access to a remote Windows XP/Vista/7 Machine. Requirements 1) Installer which installs the agent 2) Agent must report chosen WMI information (Event Logs etc) 3) Agent must allow ability to write and read from file level (edit/delete/create Directories/Files) 4) Agent must allow the ability to execute client side ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
Windows - Wmi Agent (read)
Goal: Reverse Engineer an existing platform which allows a centralized solution to receive WMI reports from Windows based machines. Deliverables: 1) UML of RE'ed Application 2) Javadocs/Wiki docs of Re'ed code 3) Source - deobfusctaed 4) Project Files (eclipse or other ide) 5) Must work towards our SVN for daily updates Phase 1: Download and review application - Understand basic concept ... Full details »
5 years agon/a
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