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Project name/Short description Project type Posted time Budget
**** web hosting needed ****
Hello, We are looking for someone who can host many websites. We can provide you with approximately 20 websites a month to host. We would be looking to pay between $1 - $5 a month per website you host for us. If you are interested please let me know what you can offer us and at what price. Look forward to hearing from you Thanks Full details »
5 years agon/a
Need a hacker
To enter a certain database and get some details out of it. Will provide details by PM. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
mailer expert needed
need a new mailing solution for a certain classified site... specifically, i need something that is custom and can get by the latest filters to reduce inboxing. i want to mail 100k+ per day using minimal accts like G mail/Hush. there are also solutions using no accts but i need protection to keep my domain/ip from being flagged. Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Website designer needed.
I need website designer to work with me on various projects. please send me your resume and ur area of expertises. thanks Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Website Security for ecommerce site
A security check needs to be run now and again before site goes live for vulnerability. Expert only need bid. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Remove Malicious Code from vBulletin Site
Hi all, I have a small project site that has had some malicious code infect it. It was running vBulletin with vbadvanced. You can take a look at the error I am getting here: esalvage (dot) com pictureprinter (dot) com I can let you in via FTP hopefully someone can assist with getting me up and running and perhaps making it so its not so easy to happen again :) I can give you more details if need ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Looking for Partner To Help Develop Website
Our company is Y Scaled Media, and We are looking for a partner developer to help us develop a site in which we aggregate information from other sites using mostly SOAP API. The Site Is Simple to Create However we want the developer to stay long term, so we can share revenue for the time helped developing the site We also are offering upfront compensation of $250-$500 + recurring percentages of income ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Website Management
Set up 3 domains and put them online and work with the database login Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
wordpress new design
I have web designed by wordpress.But it is old now. I want to design new website using wordpress but with beautiful front web. Members of getafreelancer can help me now. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Need to send out 100K mails!
I need someone who has good dedicated servers and allow me to use their server ( not trough program with SMTP ), but trough a script of mass mail sending in order to send out some letters and reach inbox 100% especially to AOL! Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
CMS based real estate classifieds site
I need a freelance web developer who can work for me to develop a CMS Based real estate classifieds sites. It can be based on Joomla/Wordpress/ Customized php solution. We will be providing design in psd format. Main features we need : 1. Posting articles by admin. 2. User posts their property on the site. 3. Admin approved or not accept the property details submitted by admin. 4. User can search ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
one website is coded by php but i want to hide link URL on http:// When guest visit my web and click menu,web is running but link URL on http:// need no change. Help me fix my web same that.My web is ready now. Thanks bidder ! Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
translate phpprobid into arabic
hello i need someone who can fully translate the script + the mods and the template into arabic plus a logo and customizing the design plus testing/analyzing/fixing the script for any security issues Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
5 years ago$750 - 1500
Plenty of Fish Profile Poster
I need a custom profile poster for PlentyofFish dating site. Must be able to: 1. post 1000s of profiles daily 2. use proxies 3. use multiple messages, titles, etc. for randomization This would be running on linux machine and should be coded in php Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
I want a websecurity job post me in PMB to give you the details.. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Game SIte Security Review
Security review project as discussed prior .. For GRX3 Thanks, PB. Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Fix and finished a recent B2B Ordersystem
I am looking for an real ajax,php, mysql expert, who has also professionel skills to create / coding dynamic pdf files from the order, include images. The recent B2B portal are 90% finished, but with many bugs. I prefer a freelancer who has already built a b2b system and know what he must do to finished this project. About the price we can discuss, if u have all informations from me. Please bid only, ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Grounp of Joomla /php/ MYSQL designers/ programmer required for varity of projects

I own a successful web design and development firm and I am looking for a group of programmers who are able to deliver work to the highest standard.

Primarily I am looking for Joomla experts (and I mean experts not just someone who can through a template together) who are also skilled with CSS/ PHP and MySQL.

The work I have for you will be on a project by project basis and ... Full details »
5 years ago€250 - 750
Hello, Me and my partner are looking for a person/team, that is capable of converting a PSD file to xHTML, CSS, and also to PHP and MySQL all included. Basic information about the website: There are one main page, and 4 subpages complementary to it. What we want you to code: A CMS administrator site, that allows for editing website content (text, media, member control). A MySQL database ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Ubuntu Server Optimization (Drupal sites)
I have an unmanaged vps that is experiencing terrible slowdowns. I need someone to: * Check on current configuration and make sure everything is setup properly * Check on server security and optimize * Find the source(s) of slowdowns and determine/implement solution * Check that the current Drupal installations are not causing the slowdown, and if they are find where the installations are causing ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
plugin edit for wordpress advt management
please bid if you have any experiance in wordpress Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Flash site update - adding News, Secure Area and Down/Upload
Flash 8 website needs URGENT updates. 1st Phase: This changes must be delivered until 14/10/09: - Size change to accomodate another vertical menu item for "News"; - Back office for customer to update News easily; - Secure area for customers of the customer to upload and download files securely; - Registration and password entered by customer of the customer controled by customer, ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
problem on OpenVPN
Someone has installed OpenVPN for me on Ubuntu. It is connecting very well for me but my friends in different locations can not connect. It might be a firewall rule problem or anything. Bid only if you are confident with OpenVPN, I provide you the server details, you check, if you think you know how to solve it let me know and I will choose you as the winner (if your bid is low) Only positive feedback ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Server Admin Needed - Install Lightspeed Server SSL Cert
Hello, We need a highly experienced server admin to fix a problem we are having with our SSL certificate on our lightspeed server. Whenever we access a url with an https:// we get the following error in firefox: This Connection is Untrusted You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure. We also get a popup window that shows ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
5 years ago$30 - 250
Database Design +
Description: We are starting a new business, and are in need of a database to tie into our Joomla! website. It needs to be a "match-maker" style database, to collect secure information from one customer, and match them up with other customers based on their selected criteria. The results will need to be search-able with many different variables (all supplied during their registration ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Setup Hostgator webhosting reseller account
I need someone to setup my Hostgator webhosting reseller account so it is ready to process payments and take on customers. This involves setting up CPanel(MySQL), WHM, WHM-AutoPilot,Enom Integrating it into website and anything else that is needed to setup my site and make it ready for business. I already purchased a webhosting reseller account through Hostgator, now I need it configured with WPH ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Need someone to crack a software program
I have a program that I bought legally but the company has gone out of business so I can not install it on a new computer. I need someone to crack the program so that I can use it and install it on multiple machines. You must have experience doing things like this. Please provide a timeframe and rate. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Hacker wanted - Vulnerability Development
I have a full time or part time job for Hacker and IT Security Specialist. Requirements: 1.) Develop new Vulnerabilites in WEB and other Software products so we can publish on Security Focus and so on. Four new Vulnerabilities each month are expected. 2.) Assist in Web Security Analysis 3.) Assist in Server and Infrastructure Security Analysis 4.) Create small software programs 5.) Writing articles ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Client Community ( WordPress MU & BuddyPress)
I need a "Client Community" built for a website I'm working on. It will use WordPress MU with BuddyPress and need to be private for client's only. I have purchased this existing login and user management PHP script I would like to use: The client would log in to the "Client Community" through this script ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
5 years ago$750 - 1500
Employment Site
Bidding for jobs, payment online Employer s and workers profile, membership, rating, review, previous projects, categories of work, database, Sort workers by rating, category. Sort Jobs by category, search job by keyword About us, FAQ, Contact us, forum, other tools, Payment trough different methods, Countries (areas) match by nearest postal code (zip code)or city). Admin page with ability to change ... Full details »
5 years ago$750 - 1500
I need my site secured.
I need my website secured asap. I have had my sql tables dropped 4 times in the last month. I can't have this happen again. For those who are interested in the job, please ask for the site url and I will provide it for you via pm. Job will only be given to those who can prove they know what they are doing by telling me the vulnerabilities they have found. Please list all prior experience. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Linux Server Configuration and PHP Website Security
I am currently hosting a number of educational websites for schools - content management systems. I am hosting these on 1and1 dedicated secure servers (linux), but thanks to my lack of technical prowess when it comes to Linux, I need someone to come along and help me configure my servers, install antivirus (kaspersky which I have purchased for servers) and advise on security. The second part is to ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Web Research
Hello, We will want a very reliable person with experience, undertake the following project for us which is........ Forex satistics and traders in USA.....Please let this be with accuracy in your report and details as you would have created from any of the search engines like google, yahoo, forums etc. PM us your quote Regards Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Troubleshoot and fix linux server
Hi, I'm having some issues with my linux dedicated server. Initially, the server crashes whenever i try to update or add a new wordpress post. However, now it's not working entirely. Cpanel kept sending me 1)cpsrvd failed @ Wed Oct 7 20:21:16 2009. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [tcp connect] Failure Reason: Timeout while trying to get data from service 2)nameserver ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Install my wordpress and something else
Three things (the third is optional ONLY if you know how to do that): 1) I have a blog in wordpress ( and need to set up correctly the WP - Database Security plugin. This plugin asks: "wp-config must be set to writable before running this script. the database user you're using with WordPress must have ALTER rights Change the current: prefix to something different ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Experienced PHP/Mysql security officer
We are looking for experts in the area of MySQL injections, session hacking and overall site security. We have a range of online applications and we're not 100% sure these are ready to go into production. You will have to check our range of online applications to find any security breaches. If you don't get in, you will get your normal fee, if you get in, you will ge a bonus. You will have to ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
remove Eval Base 64 hack, clean all files
I recently have been hacked. I need someone who is familuar with this malicicous code. I need all my php files cleans, and removal of any hidden files. Also I would like to add some security oscommerce contributions to prevent this from happening again. Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
application of advertising companies accounts
Need somebody who is now living in US to apply advertising companies accounts(as a publisher), I will offer all the details which you need for applying advertising accounts, for example the advertising companies list, the names of proposer, website URL, address, email, and so on. What you need to do are: 1, register on the website of the advertising companies. 2, phone these advertising companies ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Dedicated Server Project
I need the dedicated server to be fine tuned in order for the website to load faster as well as to work in the latest php version with php accelerator or some other optimizer installed. The site currently hosted on the server uses the lastest Joomla and Wordpress Version The operating system currently installed on the Server is fedora. Only serious bidders who are experience in Dedicated Server ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
File Mirroring & Hosting
I want to make a project the main idea of it is to re-upload uploaded files by users to other file hosting sites like,, ..etc This is a running site for the same idea: and a file uploaded on it: Basic features: 1- Site should be FULLY in Ajax. 2- Files queue and load balancing for servers based on server ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Need now : Server Admin familiar with WHM/Apache/PHP configs
Hello, I need an individual ( not company ) to handle a server bug i'm having lately. This week i re-installed Apache/PHP and configured both Apache/PHP/Mysql to run well with my Magento website. I edited httpd.conf , php.ini , my.cnf & i'm using Suexec & FastCGI handler and eAcceleratorfor for best performance so if you intend to rebuild Apache we need some conf backups. Problem i ... Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Develop a total eCommerce Site (accepts multi-currency)
I need a eCommerce site developed from scratch. To make very clear on the requirement, I need a clone of www fragrancenetdotcom , fragrancexdotcom. No compromise in graphics and functionality. I also need to load the catalogue/product information automatically. So there will be two kinds of data feed 1.Product information, 2. Inventory feed I would like to update the inventory automatically once the ... Full details »
5 years ago$750 - 1500
super-scraper needed
need a scraper that can get around captcha on CL. i'm pretty sure this is not possible but someone out there just may be able to do it. let's discuss. Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750
Clipshare Expert Needed Again!
Hi need help with buggy script! Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Get google ads for my blog.
Hello friends,

I need one who can get Google ads for me.
You duty is to create a blog and get Google Ads on it.
After approve that i have get google ads i willl transfer money to your account.

But before that you have to tell me about the stratergy you want to apply for this.

Send me your information like what you have done.

Visit here to give me your feed back regarding ... Full details »
5 years ago€30 - 250
boonex dolphin site update
Hello I have a site developed from boonex dolphin software. I need a few changes done asap. Send me your credentials & boonex examples to look at. Low budget project - high bidders will be discarded. I pay fast:) Thanks Full details »
5 years ago$30 - 250
Php, Fully Secured Website
Site must include: 1-Member area (provider and buyer the same account) 2- User profiles (unlimited, categories ) 3- Category management (unlimited, edited by the management interface) 4- Job listing (allow job poster to check each category that applies) 5- Bidding system with editable drop downs per catagory, ie: (ranges : OPEN, 0-100, 101-500,750-1499, 1500+) and/or an additional drop-down : (one-time, ... Full details »
5 years ago$250 - 750